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11-15-2012, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
Some of his comments I can accept. He's always sticking up for the team and his coaching staff and doesnt want to throw anybody under the bus, he doesnt want to air the teams dirty laundry in public. I'm fine with it if that's all it is but the impression he is giving of is that he doesnt even see the problems this team has I mean he's still saying nobody has written off Steven Jyles yet. Jyles! If it's all just a face for the public it's ok but if there's nothing going on behind that face then the Esks are in serious trouble. I really liked what Kavis was doing last season but this year I cant remember a game where it didnt seem like he was being out coached. Where our game plan was working from the start and other teams had to adapt to try and shut it down or where we were able to adapt to what other teams were doing and shut them down.
Just as an aside Reeds presentation has been different in many ways. It seems as if he's suffering from something.

His perpetual squinting, eye twitching, grimacing, facial contortions, is looking like he is in pain and suggests possible stress related condition, migraines, who knows. Doesn't seem like everything is currently going great for him. Last year all I noted was some anger, some reaction, some venting. This year its like he's a black version of Herbert Lom(RIP) from the Pink Panther movies..

IATL could be using kavis Reed facial expressions for all his gifs. Somethings going on there..

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