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11-15-2012, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Move over Yakupov, Ovechkin, Crosby. Coming soon to a city near you(no, already here) Superstar researchers worth 10M. Elitist U. Federal govts can fund this crap, but look out university tuition..

It gets better. We gotta throw a Nylander Stepford Wife in here:

Wait, let me get this, your husband is awarded a 10M buck contract. relocation expenses, guaranteed job for wife, jobs for his staff, favorite secretaries.. and the deal breaker is not having MORE than two weeks paid holiday for his wife? Thats the deal breaker?!?

I'm speechless here. I keep looking at the calendar and its not April 1st.

But anyway, nice that the federal govt, that doesn't fund arenas for superstar hockey athletes has found a new superstar club to drop 200M on. your hard paid taxes at work for you. I'm sure it takes 10M buck researchers to further study these days. God how did any medical science or cures ever get done in the old days. Love or money? Looks like money winning everytime out. Who needs periodicals and published research when you have superstars and fame. Couple probably looks like the Beckhams..

Stay the **** at Oxford. We're good without you. Who dreams this **** up?

This article just keeps on giving:

"rock star" scientists. These people are nuts. As far as the bolded, yeah, I'm not surprised. We have no fiscal accountability here.

I think your outrage is a bit over the top. The $10mil is a research grant not salary, so the comparison with Beckham or Crosby are really not justified in any way. Rorsman is hardly unique and top universities recruit researchers under similar conditions all the time. In terms of benefit to society, funding a $200mil arena or funding 20 scientists to open research labs in various areas from medicine to engineering, it is not even close. Where the government is wrong, in my opinion, is that big money thrown at few people comes at the expense of severe shortages in funding existing researchers and labs. This is not new money, it is just shifted from one pot to another. Funding for NSERC and CIHR has been stagnant for years, with falling success rates for applicants. The reality is that UofA or any Canadian university rarely can compete for top 0.1% talent with big research universities like Oxford, MIT, etc which have much larger research budgets and are able to attract much larger private investments as well. In my opinion, they should not even try if it comes at the expense of the other non-top 0.1%, but still excellent, researchers.

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