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11-15-2012, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by T-Funk View Post
Based on the story written, it was 2nd degree burns to what I would assume is less than 10% of her body through clothing (considering an entire leg is around 18%)
2nd degree burns with water tend to affect only the epidermis and very upper dermis without damaging sweat glands or hair follicles or having extensive scarring.

For her to claim all those problems and expect to win especially if she was wearing pants at the time....I dunno

But then again they have barely given enough information in the story to truly know anything about it. She could have been more severely injured but one would think they'd call it third degree or there would need to be flame or oil involved to cause the damage she is stating.
Exactly my main shake head from that article was reading the amount she's suing for(~quarter of a million) and the fact that they are 2nd degree burns or alleged anyhow.

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