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11-15-2012, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by dkorolenchuk View Post
My first request- is to extend your gm connected into nhl14,so trading draft picks and 60 rated guys with a 4 and a half star potential is actually worth something if we know we are getting at last 20 gms back with same teams and rosters in nhl14 and then find the few replacements for guys that do not buy 14 for whatever reason.

Second-Do not turn BeaPro into Madden Superstar where it gets less involved every year,what about a BeaPro connected where you can same as gm connected set it so each franchise has 1,2,3 whatever number of created bea pro players you want for each team.

HUT,be able to change goalies in mid game if one is not playing well,also in gm connected have a window where you can actually pause the game and pull a goalie,it goes from resume/end game becuase you do not have control of the puck to the faceoff where they will now not let you change goalies,and with only one pause its near impossible to change a goalie mid period.
To pull the goalie midgame press "LB+Back" (Xbox) or "L1+Select" (PS3)

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