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11-15-2012, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
Ok, I am gonna try to explain it this way. I have never debated Loungo's value as a player, or to the Leafs. The reason I have said I would obtain him at the right price for the Leafs is where we are as an organization. This will make some roll there eyes and that's fine. If he were the final piece I would be willing as an armchair GM to pay more. Though it would still be my job to attempt to aquire the said asset for less. Questin, If the rolls were reversed as to where said assets were do you still have your same core? As that would change how badly you may wanna aquire/pay for said asset. I guess what I am saying is there have been deals on here i said i could live with and some I don't like. This is because as an organization that is finally aquiring some promising youth, and has some good pieces. It can't all be traded again for a player that isn't the final piece, IMO. That doesn't make me right or wrong.

Also, if he were in Toronto already, said players would for the most part be devalued by other fan bases. Point and case Kessel and Phaneuf, on the other board I used to go to, as a leaf fan we were always told we couldn't aquire these players with our garbage. More so directed at Phaneuf then Kessel for picks, but then Phaneuf dawns to Leaf jersey and most turn around and say over rated, etc. So it depends on how we percieve value as well, right?
I won't argue, but part of this "building the team to compete" theory must include goaltending. I'll ask you the same question i asked seanlinden (and this isn't a proposal), where do you honestly see Kadri and Colborne on this team?

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