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11-15-2012, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
Man, I always look forward to reading your assessments of the picks. But I'm surprised you'd need more selling on Benoit Hogue while considering Plekanec a favourite pick, as he basically did as much for much longer. Also surprised that you picked the leech prototype Burrows and then mention Derek King relying on his centers.
Hogue was never in Plekanec' league defensively. Some have called Plekanec one of the best in the league. I never heard of Hogue being in that category. And offensively, Plek also has two seasons better than Hogue ever did, and if I'm not mistaken, in hogue's three best seasons (adjusted pts 68, 63, 61) he benefitted greatly from Turgeon. Hogue peaked at 4th on his team in scoring despite this, and Plekanec has led his team twice and been 2nd one.

As far as King goes, it's not just that he relied on his centers, it's that he brought nothing else at all to the table. Looking at both King and Hogue, it looks like their centers outscored them at ES in both goals and assists across the board, usually by a lot, except for King's 1997, when he led a weak Hartford team.

So statistically, Burrows is not the same kind of animal, as he has outscored his linemates in goals four years running now. Not that I'm not aware they have had a positive effect on his totals, of course.

And as for Cleary, you must be joking if you think he provides close to the same speed, toughness, grit, forechecking, defense, agitation and penalty killing that Burrows does. How many first line players in today's NHL are this multi-faceted?

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