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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
So you seriously believe everybody who isn't an idiot would rather live in the US than their own home country? Really?! Even by "objective" standards, I don't see a particular reason why someone who clearly enjoys living in the country he was born in would prefer to live in a small town (compared to Moscow) as an immigrant, getting paid multiple times less than what he's currently getting. As an immigrant to Canada myself, I'm clearly biased towards that move overseas, but even with such bias I somehow manage to see other people's viewpoints might differ from mine.
No. I think everyone who's not an idiot would rather take their career to the highest level in the U.S., than stay in their own country given the opportunity. It's silly to say that it's merely a preference of country, and discount any possible career or attitude related motivations.

If you want to say he's in it for the money, fine, say he's in it for the money. It's also possible that he'd rather be a big fish in a smaller pond, than just another fish in the ocean. Both of these make more sense to me than "he likes Russia better." Neither of them are exactly noble, however.

Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
And the level of hockey is not "much higher" in the NHL. It's higher, but I guess you haven't seen a KHL game before if you think the difference is that pronounced.
Quite right, the level of hockey is higher in the NHL, the prestige of the stanley cup is much greater than the Gagarin cup, and it all comes with an added bonus: you're very much less likely to die travelling to, or playing in an NHL game than a KHL game.

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