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11-15-2012, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Brock View Post
At this point, do you not think the 67's might be better off simply trading off some assets and going into rebuilding mode.

Traditionally the franchise has not done this. But, the question is, would it not be the smart thing?

Let's be honest. The 67's have drafted brutally the past few years. As of right now, they don't have any impact players from their 2011 draft. And 2010, it's basically Sean Monahan (who was a tremendous pick at 16). Gustavsen was a nice find late, but come on.

The 2nd round in particular has been bad for the 67's. Since 2009, you're looking at Aaron Taylor, Derek Hartwick, Peter Schinkelshoek, Taylor Fielding, Ryan Shipley, Mike Vlajkov (jury still out).

Odds are, Monahan is in the NHL next year. And Graovac and Ceci likely (almost certainly) in the AHL. What does that leave this team moving forward? Next year the team could be REALLY bad.

While I certainly can't see them doing it, they'd be smart to test the market for their big three, to try and get a few quality 1995's. The haul for all three would be quite substantial I would think.
End of the day... I don't know. At least doing these moves a little earlier than deadline shopping days maybe helps them decide. I don't think rebuild is usually the way they want to go, but if Wilson and Cardwell forced their hand a bit, at least now they have a chance to evaluate things for a few extra weeks to see if anything makes sense with Ceci/Monahan/Graovac, see if the team starts to move out of the doldrums with the changes or not.

I'm not so sure that Monahan will be in the NHL next year, but regardless of that, even if he's back he won't have much around him at all and it will just become a question of trading him next year instead. Unless they add quality 17-18-year olds with deals right now. Which of course wouldn't be easy, since they don't have a lot to trade.

I guess we'll see. The rebuild would probably make sense.

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