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11-15-2012, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
Players like who, Joseph?

I can't imagine Charles could be a fan of Kavis' after being inexplicably benched after ramming the ball down Toronto's throat on Sunday. I doubt Matt Nichols is all that fond of the guy who waits until the game is already lost to throw him in there to orchestrate a miracle comeback. Fred Stamps certainly prefers Nichols throwing the ball, so he can't be pleased with the pathetic decision to start and stick with Joseph.

In short, any player of importance has no reason to like the way Reed has managed this team.

On the topic of Joseph taking a coaching position here, no thanks. I do not want any former QBs on the staff now, or ever. Any ex-QB involved in designing or calling an offense has shown no interest in running the ball enough to be successful. They invariably massively overrate the importance of their own position to the detriment of the team.

I think you might be giving Joseph too much credit for helping to design the game plan this year. Highly unlikely. He was a paid employee, told to do what he did, nothing more. If they said pass the ball, he passed the ball. Matter of fact, I'd say it was very unlikely that any of the players on either side of the ball designed game plans. Hard to beleive Munoz or Sherritt called blitzes whenever they chose. I don't like the fact Joseph was playing the amount that he did anymore than you do, but I'm not going to trash him because Reed chose to put him in. I'll trash him for bad play, being too old, and decision making during play, but that's it.

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