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11-15-2012, 10:45 AM
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looks like Hedberg was skipped and we are up.

We select the guy who we are pretty sure is the best PK forward remaining - Bill Collins, RW.

Collins' career PK usage number is 54%, giving him the highest usage among any post-expansion forward remaining. He played throughout the 1970s, when the balance of power was heavily unbalanced, yet managed to run PKs that were just 4% below the league average.

Interestingly, Collins’ teams were 17% worse than the league average at ES, when he had very little control over matters (i.e. he was one of just 12 forwards, on the ice only about 20% of the time). But on the PK, when he had LOTS of control over it, they were just 4% below average.

After another available guy at 53% usage, there are 10 wingers in the 35-41% range available now, so he stands out big time compared to the pack.

Another way he stands out: His even strength scoring. Collins averaged 29 adjusted ESP per season. Draft any other winger with high PK stats right now, and you're looking at 11-25 adjusted ESP/season.

In addition, with 768 games, he's played more NHL games than most other available PK forwards, making his per-game stats even more impressive in comparison.

Pasted from an earlier draft:

When looking at penalty killing stats for available players, Bill Collins sticks out like a sore thumb. He was a journeyman, but everywhere he went, he was a major part of the penalty kill. Having killed 54% of his team's penalties, he's the most prolific PK forward out there, and his team's PK was only slightly below average, in a time where the average was badly skewed by a handful of very strong teams. His 0.35 ESPPG is also a tremendous number for a player of his ilk: when looking down the list of prolific penalty killers, you have to go all the way down to a 42% penalty killer to find a player who scored more often at even strength (and this is an active player in his prime; his PK average and ESPPG will both likely regress to the mean like most stats do in longer careers)

Collins was the North Stars' top penalty killing forward in 1969 and 1970, then both the Habs (top PK in NHL) and the Wings in 1971 in partial seasons with each, then also on the 1973 wings (3rd best PK in NHL) and 1975 Blues.

Originally Posted by Complete Handbook Of Pro Hockey 1972
an expert penalty killer and handyman type who checks very well...

Originally Posted by Complete Handbook Of Pro Hockey 1975
primarily a defensive winger, but collected 21 goals two years ago... excels as a penalty killer... earned reputation as an "honest" hockey player.

Originally Posted by Complete Handbook Of Pro Hockey 1978
workhorse type with a love for the game, who is handy to have around... can help Caps because of his work habits and maturity... in spite of many moves, retains winning attitude he developed while with canadiens... a true handyman.

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