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Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
Isn't that basically what I said? Except for the 4th line gig... Jim Nill projects him to be a "big scorer", (not my words, Jim Nill's words - read below).

And I'm not saying this because I am a homer, I am saying this because that is his ACTUAL projected ceiling was said by Jim Nill and HF rankings.

Read the sources below:


And here is HF's projection:


So.... don't listen to me, I'm hyping him up
You need to understand the difference between ceiling projections and likely projections, as well as the fact that you said "will be". Not maybe, not could be. Will be. It's not a guarantee, and as a matter of fact it's not even likely.

What is likely is that if he doesn't get his act together Holland will have him out of town just like Sean Avery was.

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