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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Just as an aside Reeds presentation has been different in many ways. It seems as if he's suffering from something.

His perpetual squinting, eye twitching, grimacing, facial contortions, is looking like he is in pain and suggests possible stress related condition, migraines, who knows. Doesn't seem like everything is currently going great for him. Last year all I noted was some anger, some reaction, some venting. This year its like he's a black version of Herbert Lom(RIP) from the Pink Panther movies..

IATL could be using kavis Reed facial expressions for all his gifs. Somethings going on there..
LMAO. I've noticed that too, but when the team is as badly mismanaged as this one, maybe you or I would feel and act that way too. He looks like he's on the brink of snapping or near a mental breakdown. Some of the ridiculous things he's been saying now after the fact certainly seem to indicate the amount of stress he's under.

All this talk of the players chosing Edmonton because of dressing rooms or practice facilities is really naive and silly. Players want to win. They want and need organization and accountability. The ones that don't, you don't want. I agree that guys are going to say nice things about Reed since there appears to be a good chance he'll be running the ship going forward. But having a guy as a coach that will make you feel better after each loss and keep your spirits up, will start to wear rather thin once the losses and incompetence and the years start to add up.

There's a ton of documented stories of nice guys that were coaches in the CFL, NHL, whatever, that were loved by players, that simply had no clue how to run a team, and it took management quite a while to finally figure this out. There are very few people out there like Hugh Campbell, for instance, who was likelable by all, but also knew when to be a hard ass behind the scenes, but was extremely efficient and prepared and had the talent of hiring great people around him.

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