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11-15-2012, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
Ok, i view Kadri the same way. I'm a little less optimistic than you are about Joe (to soft...doesn't seem to show alot of drive) so i actually would deal them both. But we will lean on your evaluation, if Van was interested in Kadri...what else would you add? I will put myself out there and say Kadri,Kuli and a proteted 1st. This is NOT detrimental to the Leafs as Kuli is easily replaced with JVR, the 1st will be at worst 11th and Kadri doesn't have a place here. It is also possible that if guys like Mac are producing well, a 1st can be aquired at the deadline.
I would prefer to not deal Kuli, but it isn't a deal breaker and I have agreed with you before on a protected first. I prefer to not deal Kuli not as to i think he is an untouchable, but i love his compete level. This is a guy who when his season drastically dropped production wise still worked his a$$ off every night and plays in the tough places. Do I see him as a perenial 30 goal guy? No, I feel he is a 20+ goal guy. I know there are those that will role there eyes at me cause i always refer to it as the right price, but when you have seen GM after GM mortgage the future I guess you get gun shy. I think from our previous discussions you can appreciate that.

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