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Originally Posted by Wingsfan2965 View Post
You need to understand the difference between ceiling projections and likely projections, as well as the fact that you said "will be". Not maybe, not could be. Will be. It's not a guarantee, and as a matter of fact it's not even likely.

What is likely is that if he doesn't get his act together Holland will have him out of town just like Sean Avery was.
No I don't, I am only echoing what one of the most respected hockey minds in the world had stated. Johan Franzen type player, big time goal scorer.

Jim Nill didn't say that was ceiling. If I remember correctly, Jim Nill said Datsyuk will be a nice 2nd line play maker... now he's one of the best (if not the best) centers in the world...

So Datsyuk's ceiling was a 2nd line center, but now he's one of the best all-star centers we've ever watched play the game... Proves ceiling and projection are meaningless.

If Franzen can become a first line scoring winger, then no doubt Sheahan's ceiling can become a first line powerforward... But I am with HF and Jim Nill, Sheahan will be a 2nd line scoring (2-way) powerforward.

And if Holland ships Sheahan out, he may as well pack B. Smith up with him, because Smith also has drinking issues under his belt.... You want Holland to firesale off any prospect that got in trouble for drinking?

Sheahan and Avery are two completely different beasts. Comparing the two is like comparing Hitler to Bush. One is a complete AZZHOLE, the other is a MORON.

EDIT: Didn't Holland offer Fedorov another contract AFTER he got his DUI??? Just sayin'

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