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11-15-2012, 11:09 AM
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So at this point, what with Fehr insisting on compensation from the owners for damage to revenues, I have completely given up hope they will play this season.

The question I ask myself then is, can Fehr sell the NHLPA this spring on getting a better deal if they don't sign till October, as I believe there is no chance at all the Players will actually risk losing games in another season, regardless of what their leadership tells them. I think Fehr is talented enough to pull this off BTW.

I also believe the Owners are obstinant, angry, and fully committed to "winning" this dispute.

So what does this all mean for our Pens? It has now become clear that the players will all lose a year off their contracts.

Cooke, Dupuise, & Adams will be free agents. Kennedy, Tangradi, Jeffrey, & Strait will be 6th year restricted free agents. Malkin, Letang & Kunitz will be in the last year of their contracts, about to be free agents. As will Orpik, Niskanen, England, & Vitale.

League revenues will likely be devistated for at least a couple years. The Pens will have 53 million committed to existing contracts, & 24 million the next season.

If we were not in "win now" mode, this would be just concerning. But I have no idea how Shero can keep this team together without bringing in a large amount of rookies, which will likely have a real negative impact on playoff performance.

It looks to me like the Pens could be one of the teams hurt bad by the Lockout.


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