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11-15-2012, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by BTCG View Post
Wow, we're reduced to discussing dogs on the Metro, eh?

2 things:

1- I am so sick of this lockout. I read a great piece the other day. The author posed the question: Should Bettman be locked out? I'd say, YES.

2- I hate Metro dogs. They force their way in line, and wag their tails at every good looking woman that walks in.
I don't think this is Bettman's doing at all. He is going along with the owners who I personally fully support. The players have long been claiming a huge share of the profits without taking any of the monetary risks involved. Far more than NFL and NBA players. I've never seen a player, after a bad year, just hand money back to the team. A team has a bad year (at the gate for whatever reason) and they are in the red.

I personally think that hockey players, generally speaking, are less educated than NFL and NBA players who at least attend some form of college/higher education across the board. Some NHL players do but not all that many.

This makes it easy for them to be duped by the likes of Fehr.

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