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11-15-2012, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
Sorry McSorely threatened Bettman after Bettman called players "labor". Apparently hockey players arent labor.

Reality will hit home when the NHL files the same papers, pre-approved, they were about to file when saskin broke.
League re-organizes to central command and central contracting.
Contracts evaporate. (they dont exist anyways without a CBA and the players should have been made aware that their contracts dont mean squat after sept. 15 2012 nor are they entitled to anything other than what their contract is worth under the successor agreement.) how dumb are these players. even my nephew knows this.
Everyone becomes a UFA. But the league centrally controls, so any player looking at coming back will be put on the same team they were on before .
No more guaranteed contracts.
No revenue based Cap... but there WILL be a cap that pays out about 35% (average businesses labor costs)
Cap will not change unless owners view it as self-serving.
I would love to see this, Katz would throw the world to get Crosby on our team. Max contract, Max term, Max everything. DO IT!!! But do you honestly think owners would go for this?

Do you not think that the minute this happens it opens the door for a competing league to establish itself on this continent?

Do you think players would willingly do this when there can be viable solution elsewhere? I believe they would not jump at the chance to have a centralized contract structure. Do you not think that there aren't any other billionaires that got stiffed by the NHL that wouldn't jump on the chance to own a competitive franchise in a different league?

You speak about commie red vs capitalism but isn't a centralized contracting structure more in line with Communism than Capitalism? Wouldn't the KHL be more capitalistic if the NHL followed through with what you are suggesting?

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