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Originally Posted by Johnyrocket View Post
I don't know about you guys, but I would watch a Champions League as closely as I do the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I'm really interested in other leagues but it's hard to get info or broadcasts in the US. If the Champions League was done right, the presentation could be spectacular and on par with the playoffs or Winter Classic. Getting to see the history behind the teams and the leagues they represent before & during matches would be great!

Like I said before, even if the NHL teams wouldn't ice their A squads, it would be cool to see a team of 3rd & 4th liners along with prospects representing the team. That within itself would be a fresh view and also lens itself to give fans a preview of young players in the system. Besides that, think how cool it would be of your team's B squad made a run in the Champ's League or even won it all! It would be really exciting!

Why the NHL, KHL & IIHF don't do a Champions League already is mind boggling to me.

Edit: I'm a Devils fan & I would watch the team even if they iced a bunch of scrubs. I'm a fan of the team first & who the team represents, so watching any form of the team would be exciting.
This is actually a bad thing that the NHL does not even do. They have a hard time devoting time to talk about the match up, the team the history. They do a short stint about previous games, they spread some info that barely catches you attention but look at the NBA NFL and MLB. They detailed time and focus in properly getting exciting info to the viewers.

When ESPN covered KHL games, it was a disaster. They dismissed every block shot as an accident, they acted like they dont hit... but there was plenty i saw. They laughed at every name and they even admitted to not knowing a THING about the KHL or its teams.

Coverage of the sport in America is Horrid. And this on all levels needs to be fixed... This is why ESPN did not win the NHL contract. They wanted us for what we became, not what they saw our potential to be

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