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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
Cox addresses these questions in an article todaye rather than tweets:

the Don Fehr-led organization has nonetheless been able to stay very consistent in its message for weeks.

Attack NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Personalize the disagreement. Make it appear as though the labour battle is all Bettman’s doing. Emphasize that the union gave “massive” concessions seven years ago. Question why owners are gagged and not allowed to speak freely.

NHLPAers have hit those notes consistently over the first 60 days of the lockout along with repeating the charge that the NHL won’t negotiate fairly.

But Fehr, who has more control over the union than any executive director since Alan Eagleson, can’t control what is said by former NHL players.
Cox does a bit more than merely "address" an issue that seems bigger to him than most observers. At least he adds this at the end:

Dozens of players have participated in sessions with the NHL with only a few attending more than a handful. With no executive committee or president to challenge strategies or decisions, Fehr — who was consulting on the new union structure before taking over as NHLPA boss — reports to the membership at large and the 30 team representatives.
Whether those players and those reps are asking the hard questions of Fehr that Recchi and Therien are suggesting they should is unclear.

See, this isn't journalism. Somehow Cox has morphed into an expert on union structure. The only way that union strategy can be set and 'challenged' is if you have a president or exec committee?

Isn't the criticism of the NHL's structure the fact that there is an Exec Committee that sets strategy for 30 teams, who sit back and watch in silence?

I think putting as few layers in between constituents and their leadership structure as possible leaves the power where it needs to be -- in the players hands. There are 30 reps who can demand anything they want at any time.

Clearly, he's spending too much time on twitter and letting his emotions get in the way.

Still, there is no evidence at all that the union is cracking, just as there is no evidence that the owners are anything but solidly behind Bettman.
What Recchi and Therien seemed to be questioning is whether rigid solidarity alone will get the players where they want to be.
Or make up for the millions in lost wages they’ll never get back.
Why can't the observers accept that the players may very well KNOW exactly how much money they're going to lose this year? What they don't want to give up is their ability to maximize their earnings individually as soon as they can, and at a time when they're most valuable.

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