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11-15-2012, 11:57 AM
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I think we've got a pretty good thing going so I'm struggling with the concept of a lot of change. Changing the league we had to a keeper league of 5/6 with some minor scoring tweaks would be a HUGE change to what we've been doing. I was ok with it so we could help some of the lower end teams, some of which had inherited poor clubs. I just think what we had generally works. Before we start going down these paths shouldn't we confirm who's in or out prior to re arranging everything? We may not need to do all this. I guess if we had to totally reboot from scratch due to half the league folding I wouldn't stand in the way but I'd be annoyed after years of working my team and all the trades I did trying to set myself up for the future. If we are talking all this just to replace one or two people can't we do that without all this fuss? Lets figure how many we need to replace first. Obviously there's some interest for new gms.

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