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11-15-2012, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
Here comes Chris Phillips to help me illustrate. Much appreciated.

"I guess I would say itís an uninformed answer, unless heís now tied in with ownership somewhere, or wants to get involved with ownership, and trying to take that side"
See, these guys just don't make sense. For one, how was Recchi's comment uninformed? What exactly did Recchi say that would suggest that he wasn't making use of the information available to form and express his opinion? Phillips, do you know what an uninformed answer/opinon is? His entire response seems to heavily draw on his own experience of being in the EXACT same position. Does that sound like not using information to form your opinion?

And because Recchi doesn't agree with the PA strategy, they have to undermine his position as though it can't be objective. Why would he try to take the owners side just because he wants to or is an owner? Phillips comment suggests that Recchi has something to gain for taking the owner's side. But what does he gain? Are the owners going to give him a big fat cheque because he disagreed with the PA strategy? And Recchi didn't actually side with the owners. It's not like he said one side is right or wrong. I guess the PA has a problem because a) he doesn't agree with their strategy and b) former player doesn't trash the owners like the guys who still depend on those owners to sign their paycheques.

Yes, he must be the enemy guys.

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