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Originally Posted by xspyrit
He had 27 pts in 77 games last year playing on probably the best offensive team in the NHL... I know it's decent for a young rookie but considering his linemates and opportunity it could have been better

A young guy who played for one of the best NHL teams, particulary offensively? 27 pts in 77 games, am I supposed to be impressed? (I know you like stats)
Couturier's three most common line combinations last year saw him playing with:

He's not the 1st player who had a good rookie season shelled on a great team. I liked Matt read better personally. Put Couturier on the Jackets and you'd probably consider him as a bust (seeing at how fast you like to draw conclusions)
Couturier played the toughest minutes on the Flyers over the course of the season, facing tough opponents and starting 40-ish % of his shifts in the defensive zone.

I don't think we drafted a 6th overall to be our best defensive forward. I don't think we'll be in trouble in that department either with guys like Michalek, Silfverberg, Stone, Regin, Greening and more importantly, Kyle Turris.
Of course not. Organization may be a bit behind the times still, drafting a guy like Darren Kramer, but as you point out, they obviously weren't hoping for Zibanejad to be anything but a first liner. Of course, not even in that good a draft position do the picks amount to NHLers all the time.

You're the only one (well not true unfortunately, many have your disease) who cares about right now, the moment... We are talking about 2 high draft picks selected just over a year ago. We should care about the next 9 years and not "the moment"

Just because Couturier is a better NHL player AT THE MOMENT, doesn't make it the obvious choice over Zibanejad or any other high pick. Let's talk about that in a few years
Obviously people realize, or I hope they do, that the first year of pro isn't always indicative of the entire career. However, I can see why people would dwell on things and "what if's" like Landeskog and Couturier because they both put up seasons that if Zibanejad could duplicate at any point during his career he should be considered a big success.

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