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11-15-2012, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
That assumption is not made. Adjusted stats does not make any assumption about who would score what if they actually played in another scoring environment. It's just a scaling of the actual results in the actual games they played, a transformation of the curve to make it comparable to other seasons in a systematic way. It does not say "this is how someone would have scored has they played at another time" it says "this is how impressive this guy's totals are compared to other players in other times."
So you're saying it's not a replacement for Raw stats, it's just a simple measure of the value of those Raw stats based solely on league GpG and no other factors what so ever?
You and your friends better get your vocabulary straight then because words like "replacement" and "alternative" sure seem to imply a different purpose and use.

You misunderstand again. I didn't say it needs to be verified in the sense that it hasn't been yet. I'm saying it is something that needs to be verified before being used. Until something like this is verified it's a conjecture.
You'll have to explain this better because right now it looks like you're using a bunch of double talk to avoid agreeing with what I said.

This tends to get lost in all the inaccurate statements made about what adjusted scoring does in this thread, including some made by you.
So you would agree then that anyone suing AS's at face value is just as wrong as the person using Raw stats at face value, correct?
That there are many more factors besides just AS's and Raw stats to be considered before actually arriving at a reasonable conclusion to what a player would have scored in another season?

Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
You misunderstand the purpose of AS. While it does have its flaws, it is intended to show how the player's performance would have compared to the league in another year. The idea behind removing the player's own numbers is "His stats compare to this year as X; when adjusted to a common average they equal Y. Thus he can be compared against another season's performance, as the "everyone else" group is simply replaced with a different group of player/performances.

As for the Jagr/Gretzky comparison, the use of AS is a valid way of looking at things because the GPG is not the same in any given year and there was in fact wide variation across the 90s.
Ok listen, I was told that the criteria for AS's being more valuable in the Jagr/Gretzky case was because they were at different points in their career and it was unfair to Jagr because the tail end of Gretzky's prime fell in the higher scoring years and that it "pads" his stats too much. Somehow, this is more fair even though it's been well established that there is inflated value attached to DPE stats to which Jagr, in his prime, is getting this benefit over an about to retire Gretzky and I'm supposed to continue to view this as "fair"?

All that aside for a second, I also asked earlier if you would do the same for OV vs Crosby and I was answered yes.
So tell me, what's the criteria for that? Both players at all but identical times of their careers, playing through exactly the same time?

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