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11-15-2012, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I missed yesterdays game but in the rest of the games, Holland impressed me the most of all the rookie forwards. If Holland is lacking consistency then so are all the rest. It's his passing the way he thinks the game that have impressed me so much, just hope he can add mass/strength over the next 2 years.
Oh, no argument there. I absolutely love the way he's playing. But I think Gallagher looks better. His tenacity and ability to drive the net are just amazing. And yeah, they're definitely all lacking consistency, that's for sure. Even the supposed "veterans" haven't really helped this team much.

That said, to me, Gallagher has impressed me more and well... I added Geoffrion to the list because he's the leading scorer and he was playing rather well the last few games, but there's only a one-point difference and Holland sure looks more talented out there, so let's call it even. That said, I forgot about one guy: Dumont. I think he's been very important to the Dogs.

Regardless, my point was only that I think it's a stretch to call Holland Hamilton's best player. He does look like the most skilled on the ice, but there's much more to a hockey player. He's been a very nice surprise, that's for sure.

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