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11-15-2012, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Brody View Post
Minor concussion at work... I work at Hollister, my boy and I were shooting around with a soccerball at the back, he tried a bicycle kick while I was texted the ball and his leg hit me in the forehead and eye. Pretty ****ed, we've been friends since grade 1, if it wasn't him that person would have gotten a beating. He took me to the doctors and after 15ish mins, he let me go and said its a minor concussion and that I should stay home for a few days. Doesn't even feel that weird, just tired af, everything looks kinda fake, really hurts my brain when I look at bright things.

I don't feel like sleeping though, so I might just chill out at home for the next couple of days.
Had a feeling you would've worked there, I don't know why

Woke up at lunch today, didn't bother going to my last class lol

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