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11-15-2012, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by kitchen44 View Post
Horcoff just recently built a house next to Katz, hes not going anywhere. In fact I could almost guarantee that he gets another contract after this one, anyone who thinks that Horcoff is going anywhere is delusional. It truly is disturbing to think that it is how the organization is operated.
If you ask me, this is an incredibly naive statement. It's like when someone is so afraid that something might happen, that they totally convince themselves that it will.

I don't doubt that the Oilers are Horcoff supporters, and I also don't doubt that they believe he's an important player. And just because buying him out under the current system may not be worth it to them, it doesn't mean they think it's a great deal and/or wouldn't buy him out if the rules were different.

There's an absolutely huge difference between liking a player and not being able to see that his contract doesn't come close to matching his contributions (and has another 2+ years on it). If they can buy him out without taking any cap penalty, then I have no doubts that they would. The way the contract was structured in the first place should be the first tell.

The fact that he now lives close to Katz is irrelevant.

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