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11-15-2012, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
So a few days ago I was too drunk to drive home, but I needed to get to school the next day, so my buddy drove my car and me home...he proceeds to leave the lights on, battery dead, I miss school. Thanks buddy
Hey man, better a dead battery than a dead person.

I lost one of my best friends 17 years ago in a drunk driving accident. He was plastered after a xmas party and hit a tree coming off the Disraeli bridge. Ripped his Mustang right in half and him just about with it.

Another buddy of mine got hit with a DUI a few years ago. Also hit a tree. Totaled his Jeep, cops came by and put him in jail. Had to pay for Jeep (on lease) lawyers, counselling, etc. License suspended for a year. I had to drive him around places. Worse he said was the humiliation and embarrassment. He said it's hard to get women when you have no car and can't drive because of a DUI. All said, a $20 cab ride from the bar ends up being a lot cheaper than said depression, inconvenience, and $40k in costs from a dui accident! Now he looks back and says he's pretty thankful he didn't kill someone, because although all of that other stuff is over with, he doesn't think he could have lived with the knowledge of having killed someone.

As for the battery - keep a charger in the trunk! You might be late but give it an hour or so and it might start up.

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