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Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
No one is saying the scoring drought is solely because of goalie equipment. What IS being said is it's a big part of it, along with "systems" where teams lay back in a shell, and a significant drop in penalty calls. ALL of those things play a part in killing of scoring across the board. Fixing just one of those things isn't sufficient: All three need to be fixed in order to bring scoring back.

Along with scoring what would be brought back is TALENT determining who wins the Cup from year to year rather than who has the hottest goaltender going into the playoffs.

Equipment in general is really hurting the game... and the players. There's multiple reasons though.

1. Goalie Equipment size.
2. Player Equipment size and effectiveness.
- The players block shots like goalies used to save them.
- The players hit other players with their plastic armor and knock their heads silly.
- The players gain a sense of security from their equipment that takes a sense of precautionary fear fromt he way they play the game.
3. Systems have proven to make up for talent disparity among teams. Trap, lock, whatever you may call it.

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