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Originally Posted by Okanagan Oil View Post
I think a trade that could benefit both team would be something along the lines of

Omark and a 2nd for Matt Martin from Long Island.

Omark could give Tavares and Grabner some support by dishing the puck. The second could turn out to be a diamond, you never know.

Martin comes and slides into our lineup and hits everything in sight. The NW is a lot tougher than than before and having Martin and Eager on a line together may make some noise on the forecheck.
The Islanders have no reason to do this, they have secondary offense coming through the ranks (Nino, Nelson, Strome) and they need grit just like we do, Martin also signed a club friendly contract not all that long ago.

Originally Posted by misfit View Post
If you ask me, this is an incredibly naive statement. It's like when someone is so afraid that something might happen, that they totally convince themselves that it will.

I don't doubt that the Oilers are Horcoff supporters, and I also don't doubt that they believe he's an important player. And just because buying him out under the current system may not be worth it to them, it doesn't mean they think it's a great deal and/or wouldn't buy him out if the rules were different.

There's an absolutely huge difference between liking a player and not being able to see that his contract doesn't come close to matching his contributions (and has another 2+ years on it). If they can buy him out without taking any cap penalty, then I have no doubts that they would. The way the contract was structured in the first place should be the first tell.

The fact that he now lives close to Katz is irrelevant.
I don't doubt that they value him as a person and even as a player to some extent, but like you've said it's about his worth relative to his cap, just because they'd entertain buying him out doesn't mean that they think that he can't play in the league anymore, it's because his contributions relative to his cap hit aren't worth the squeeze.

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