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11-15-2012, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
Regarding Cox interest in the Kelly firing, hidden reports etc-it is an important story and one that most reporters should have followed up on.

It was covered heavily at the time and was considered a disgrace, but eventually a lot of reporters lost interest, didn't want to lose their sources etc.

A lot of what is playing out today had its genesis in those events.

Just because Cox is still asking for the PA. which claims to be so transparent, to release the report, does not mean he is a poor reporter in fact it means that he is doing exactly what a reporter should.

Alan Eagelson swanned around hockey and political circles for years and no one bothered following up on the rumours that swirled around him until Paul Kelly and his law firm caught up with him . So just because a story is avoided or ignored by others doesn't mean that it is not an important story and that no one should bell the cat.

Come now, pepty. Cox is reporting on a nonissue. I'd expect it from the league, but not him.

You also are ignoring the fact that there was a settlement with Kelly. The 'report' may be considered confidential and nondisclosable due to the agreement and the personnel issues therein.

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