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11-15-2012, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Please elaborate, just because the general play was more defensive it doesn't make it easy to play defense.
Have you played hockey?
Do you know the differences between playing purely man on man (which is how every team played in the O6) vs playing zone and variations like zone +1 ect?

Didn't those Habs teams have alot of talent? Not sure what you are getting at here either.
Well...first of all, Lidstrom's Wing's teams were never slouches in this department either and we are NOT going to have a repeat of the hypocrisy from the Potvin vs Lidstrom thread.
Second, I'm talking about systems not talent. Structured systems in both the defensive and neutral zone that weren't employed at any where close to the advanced level they are today. If they were even employed at all most of the time.

Not even sure where to start here. Lidstrom's prime defensive play is longer than Langways entire career.
Granted, I should have been more specific that I was referring to peak.

Man you almost made a post without mentioning Ray but there it is last sentence. Harvey played in a different era and had a different style than Lidstrom as well.

You can argue that Lidstrom had a greater impact on the game though.
Lidstrom plays an evolved version of the defensive style Harvey pioneered and wrote the book for.
So that would be a no to both of your points here.
And I only mentioned Ray in regards to puck possession skills and total rink control. Things that he and Harvey shared a very high level of proficiency at, while Lidstrom does not.

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