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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave
When playing roller hockey, the way I used to practice the accuracy of my shooting was to take a puck and stand 5-10 meters (depending on how much space was around) from a wall in the leisure centre we play in. I'd practice this drill for wrist, snap and slapshots and occassionally backhands. The walls in the leisure centre are made of breeze blocks and to practice the height of the shot, i'd try and hit the row of blocks on the ground first, then the next row up and so on, up to the height of where a crossbar would be. I'd try and go in sequence bottom to top or top to bottom and if i missed one, i would start again. I had a lot of difficulty doing this with slapshots so i decided to concentrate more on snap shots first. The only difference between the two is the bigger swing on the slap shot, so using snap shots, you can isolate the technique of striking the puck correctly without having to worry about putting the power into it. Once I had gotten my snap shot fairly accurate, I started back on the slapshot. My connection with the puck was now a lot better and I only had to focus on the swing/weight transfer.

As for practicing accuracy for angles of shots, I'd get 6 pucks and stand a few metres away from the net in line with the middle of the goal. Then i'd try and hit top left, middle left, bottom left, top right, middle right, bottom right with those pucks. Again, if i messed up, i'd start again. If the six shots were accurate, i'd move back a couple of metres and try again, for each time I was successful i'd move further back, for each time i failed I'd try again. This would again be done for wrist/snap/slap shots. After a while, my wrist shots were fairly accurate from the halfway line of the leisure centre (i think that would be a few meters inside a blueline on an ice rink). Once i had the hang of shooting while dead inline with the goal, i'd try the same thing from different angles on both wings.

The main thing to remember though is to stay confident. It may have pissed you off that your shots weren't going where you wanted them, but if you let that get to you during a game, for some people it just makes them less effective. Be confident in yourself, believe you will hit the target and, as much as possible, try to relax when you have a chance. A number of the youngsters on my team are having difficulties with their confidence and you can see how it affects their game. When you take a shot, tell yourself you are going to put the puck right where you want it. If it works, thats great, if it doesn't, don't worry about it, just get on with the game and take the next chance. Its like when a goalie lets a goal in. Some guys let it bother them, some don't. They get on with whats left of the game.

You may have only got one goal and hit 3 posts, but at that rate on a good day, you'll score four goals. If you can get one and hit three posts, you must be doing something right, so don't try and force a change in your game if their doesn't need to be one. Best of luck with the accuracy practice, but it sounds like you aren't doing too bad to start with. Have confidence

Thanks for the advice! ill try that next time i get some ice time. As I said its been a problem for awhile now last season i was told the same thing by someone about the whole relax and let it come. And it has helped last season was a real low for me in the points department compaired to the seasons before it and im only 20 yrs old so it was getting to me. Talking to a teammate after a game he got me to calm down and just kinda flow with the game. So i know thats not it on the ice at least anymore. Last night i even skated up to an ex teammate of mine durning the game and was laughing with him saying ya hit 3 post tonight if those are in we'd be going to OT right now instead of to the locker rooms. Im finding that I cant get by on my skill alone this year before in prior leagues I didnt have to be accurate and i think ive let that part of my game slip. In earlier years i could just blow by the 2 dmen and then deke the goalie. in the last 2 years ive moved up to a better league and i still have the speed its just alot harder to deke the goalies. im finding that my old moves on goalies are working to get by dmen now. haha.
Again thank you all for the adivce and keep it coming!

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