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Originally Posted by billybudd (edited) View Post
You can think that, but you'd be wrong. Don Fehr doesn't sit in a room and jot down strategy with 30 guys that know a thing or two about collective bargaining but aren't loyal to him personally. He sits in a room with his brother.

He doesn't take the players' reps, or a smaller subcommittee into his confidence and tell them everything. He gives 30 people briefings in which he says what he wants them to know.

He involves 5 or 6 players in the process, but rarely the same 5 or 6 at the same time, which results in blocks of 2% of the players knowing 80% of what was up (if they even understand concepts like corporate risk aversion) during a 10% block of negotiations. They, and everyone else, only know what he tells them the rest of the time.


Fehr is a single point of failure through which all information flows. Goodenow had Saskin and Linden as a check against this. Fehr has nobody in this position.

Now, you might believe that Fehr's some type of benevolent angel who can be trusted with power absent a check against it, who tells nothing but the truth and the whole truth 100% of the time. History says placing that degree of trust in anyone with this type of power in this type of structure (1/2>3-604)is incredibly foolish. When Rome did this, the Republic was destroyed. Hell, NHLPA history suggests this level of trust in a union head is foolish. The last time they allowed this, Eagleson sold them out.
Do you have a link that outlines the approach you've mentioned?

My understanding of Fehr is that he's normally pretty respectful of all players. Heck, he pretty much toured the league for his first year in the role; I'm not sure what the benefit was if it was just a display.

Fehr comes from the MLBPA where that type of structure has always been in place, hasn't destroyed them yet. In fact, most of Fehr's reasoning in removing the checks was an attempt to unify the union. The mistrust that reverberated from the executive level of the PA was certainly an issue given how they went through Executive Directors far too quickly.

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