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11-15-2012, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by duga View Post
Very well said.
About Semin, not only do opponents or fans (who watch him on regular base) mostly know when he shoots but where his aiming to (high, Glove-side) as well. He oftenly does the same little forward-backward stickhandling until he got the right bodytension for the release. You can read those pre-shot moves pretty well. But the release itself is so utterly dirty, you hardly can react. Not only is his wrister one of the hardest all-time, but is technically so out of this world, that it seems that he doesn't have to destroy his body for generating the force. ( like Federer's forehand swing for example, a guy like Ovi is more like Nadal, has to use his superior strengh to generate the force)

And this release is one of the most fascinating and beautiful moves I have ever seen in all-sports.
Just curious, since I agree with him having an incredibly deadly shot... how come this guy isn't competing for the Rocket every year? Is his overall offensive awareness and ability to go in the dirty areas the reason he's not consistently putting up goals? I'm not talking about his supposed "lazy defensive play" but how come every time he's in the o-zone, the puck's not being passed to him to let it blow by the goalie?

Or maybe this might change on Carolina as opposed to Washington where Ovy is "the guy."

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