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11-15-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by sparxx87 View Post
You couldn't be more wrong.

Jays fans are well aware of the farm system that AA has built over the past few years. Its quite clear that good days are ahead, many just didn't envision it happening like this.

It went the same way in the late 80's-early 90's; they built the farm system and then eventually made some moves to turn a .500 team into a contender. Clearly Alex has the same plan.

Even if this deal falls through, I'll guarentee another big move happens. Rogers has opened their wallets and Alex is obviously prepared to parlay furtures into now.

If Selig overturns the deal, its nothing to do with the Jays... Its that he won't allow that much disfunction by the Marlins to go on in his league.
None of that will matter, because this is all about optics for Toronto. Jays fans see their GM making a big move to improve the team now, just like the Yankees and Red Sox do all the time, and they get excited.

What will they think, then, when the Commissioner personally steps in and invalidates the trade that got them so excited?

They'll see a league that allows its big markets to spend as much as they want and make as many trades as they want, but steps in to stop their team from doing the same. They'll look back at the history of the Montreal Expos and wonder why the league never stepped in to stop Jeffrey Loria from doing much, much worse to that franchise than this deal would do to the Marlins. Most importantly, they'll receive the following message from MLB, whether Selig meant to convey it or not:

"Your team doesn't count, your city doesn't count, and you don't count. You are here to be cannon fodder for the big markets, and nothing more."

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