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11-15-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Ynnek View Post
I wasn't around to watch hockey back in the day but how many NHL goals could Bobby Hull have got had he stayed in the NHL? Was looking at his stats and he still kept scoring at a pretty good pace in the WHA so how would those stats translate to NHL?

I know nothing of that league from back then. Thanks to any who reply.
I have no idea on how to come to an exact number. I think most will say he would have scored fewer goals in the NHL than he did in the WHA, but to what degree?

Just playing with the numbers, if he would have scored 2/3 as many goals in the NHL as he did in the WHA he would have ended up with 812 goals, and been only the 3rd player to break the 750 goal mark. 812 passes Gordie's Howe's NHL total, but Howe played in the WHA too, so if we give him the same treatment Hull ends up 3rd all time.

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