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11-15-2012, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
^^ Who said they're misinformed? You've taken a great deal of license with that statement.

Cox being in an union doesn't make him more qualified than all the specialists consulted to help the PA restructure. He's not reporting, he's editorializing (along with guys like Dreger and Brooks).

It's irrelevant when it's the NHL's structure? Gotcha. The PA has to keep Fehr? Gotcha. Have to run, but I'll be back...
I've taken no license with that statement.

They said they were misinformed when they said they were rallying around issues that are not actual issues.

Crosby said -yesterday- he was fighting because it was ridiculous that young guys were being asked to have their entry level deals extended. Entry level deals are being reduced. When he's fighting to stop the opposite of what's been proposed, he's misinformed.

Ovechkin has been going on about a 13% rollback long past the time that was off the table. He's tilting at a windmill. He's misinformed.

If this is not Fehr's fault, who's fault is it? There is nobody else.

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