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11-15-2012, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
Hatcher was part of the Watson deal? I thought he went there earlier in the year.

Comapring Jammes and Pawley to Hathcer? OK. Not sure i get that ( there not even close in talent or style) but... using that logic whose to say Platzer, Jammes isnt the next Tierney (2nd rd NHL pick?)

I doubt Horvat is moved.

I was just looking to get a feel on what it may take (only IF London goes for it instead of loading it up for next year, well see)

If going for it this year Im not sure what Mark would give up but I cant see Horvat or Domi moving, the rest of the kids not sure (Patterson/Herbst, Platzer, Pawley, Elie, Jammes, Liberati all be of some value to rebuilding teams) You have to pay to play thou and if a combo of those and 4 high picks dont get it done no worries, move on.

Just a hypothetical anyhow-not sure Mark would go that big or that Ottawa would be interested in moving those pieces.
IMHO....any seller that's tying to move more than 1 player will usually get more if sold separately.

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