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11-15-2012, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by alcanalz View Post
Without even addressing the rest of your post at this time, the Pens are one of the most screwed team because we're losing a year of Sid, Geno, Letang, MAF, and now Neal, all of whom are in their prime. We're in win-now mode and we're one of the top teams and we lose a year where we're easily one of the top 3-5 teams in the league.

And the world is denied another year of Sid and Geno. Imagine Gretzky losing a year in the mid 80s. Lemieux lost half of one in the 90s but IIRC he was out of commission much of that year anyways.
I figured as much myself, but since I believe this season is screwed, why not focus on the future.

Unfortunately the future looks bleak as well. For instance, what happens if Tangradi or Jeffrey break through next year? Resigning them could be near impossible if the cap is under 60 million as 3 players alone will take up 23 million even before we try to sign Malkin and Letang. Figure at least 15 mil for those two, and even at 60 mil you only have 22 mil left for the other 18 players....

If this scenario plays out, not trading Martin's 5 mil salary this summer could have a devistating effect, cause who's gonna want him after this economic disaster unfolds. We may need every one of those young cheap prospect defenseman come the 14/15 season.

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