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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
They had their own bully, Bob Goodenow. He was advised by and reportedly borrowed his strategy from Donald Fehr.

When the players rebelled after losing an entire year, and put in Saskin, he got tossed. When they voted in Kelly he was overthrown buy a cabal of Goodenow loyalists, union hacks and others who feared losing their influence, money and power.

They were advised by one Donald Fehr who became the next leader. There is supposedly an agreement to install his brother as the next leader. So this same group of old style belligerent union hardliners will be in control of the PA for the foreseeable future.

The structure of the union has been changed so that is virtually impossible to have another coup which is just as well but which has also concentrated almost all power in to the hands of the executive director with few paths for those who disagree to exert influence.

Bettman was bullied early on by the PA to the detriment of the league overall. He has to stand up to them and if he wasn't there, another commissioner would have to do the same. He is just a convenient target for the PA.
Honest question - how was Bettman bullied by the PA? I haven't paid attention to the business aspect of the game until more recently and haven't read up on what's happened a decade or so back. I have never that kind of statement before.

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