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11-15-2012, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
I'm sure Selig is simply doing his do-diligence. There's a considerable amount of money changing hands, not to mention how one-sided the money exchange is despite what players are involved. With all the public fan backlash my guess is that he's taking his time but in the end, there's no reason to veto this thing.
Bro, the red sox- dodgers deal got the rubber stamp in like 2 minutes. I agree it won't get veto'd but let's not act like big money trades haven't happened before. It's taking a very long time for this thing to go through, and yes one of the reasons is because it involves the Jays. Bud Selig trying to act like he actually gives a rat's ass about the Marlins fan base after the embarrassment of previous tear downs is hilarious. "Due diligence" rightttt...

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