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Originally Posted by CoolForumNamePending View Post
Maybe because while it probably wasn't Radulov's only consideration I am pretty sure like every other professional athlete on earth money did factor into his decision of where he was going to play.
The difference being that while Lebron gets lambasted for being the sell-out he is, Radulov isn't because, apparently, he wanted to play in front of childhood friends, or some ****.

Bottom line, the most important factor wasn't the hockey. Why should he therefore be respected from a hockey standpoint?

Originally Posted by CoolForumNamePending View Post
That might make Radulov a mercenary but it certainly doesn't make him much different than most other hockey players. Based on this past summer he certainly wasn't the only player on Nashville's playoff roster who is/was a 'mercenary'.
Perhaps I should point this out to people: why tu quoque, or "you/them too" is a bad argument is because it's equally possible for two or more people from different demographics to be pieces of ****. You have established that Radulov, while a mercenary(exactly what I said he was), is not exactly unique in this regard. Others have said that it's also not because he's Russian.

Congratulations: not one thing I said depended on Radulov being unique, or Russian.

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