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Originally Posted by Gobias Industries View Post
It couldn't be that Ovechkin and Crosby were confused / misinformed.

If I had to lay blame for misinformation, given it was either a hockey player or a union head with decades of experience, I'd blame the player.
Fehr's job is to inform them. If they are misinformed, he either hasn't been clear enough or is doing so deliberately. Either way, he's bears singular responsibility if the membership doesn't understand the issues.

Originally Posted by Gobias Industries View Post
I was referring to how Fehr structures his dealings with the PA, you laid out some pretty specific details.
That would require a lot of links and I don't have the time at work.

If you'd like to look them up I can tell you where to start from memory,

the method by which he gets information to the players came from an Ovechkin interview with a Russian reporter, as well as several leaked mass emails

the method by which he does strategic planning before presenting it to any party (sits in his office with his brother) is from a friedman article. Not 30 thoughts, iirc

that its a carousel of players in these meetings comes from Friedman, Cox and any TSN article announcing who's present on any particular day

and that there's no #1 player in the PA, such as Linden, comes from Cox, but would otherwise be obvious considering there's a carousel of players in these negotiations, strategy is formulated at Fehr's office without their presence and nobody from the PA apart from Fehr's brother has been at every meeting

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