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11-15-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyCrazed101 View Post
Honest question - how was Bettman bullied by the PA? I haven't paid attention to the business aspect of the game until more recently and haven't read up on what's happened a decade or so back. I have never that kind of statement before.
I don't think it was necessarily just Bettman being bullied, but the entire Board of Governors.

Fehr put off negotiations in the summer of 2011 to “get up to speed”. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but hadn’t he already been ExecDir for the PA for 8 months at that point? Shortly after that, the PA turned down the re-alignment plan that Bettman, himself, put together for the BoG. The BoG approved, but not unanimously. IIRC here as well, it passed with 26 out of 29 BoGs approving.

The kick in the nuts for me was when Nick Schultz, the union rep for the Wild at the time, parroted the Fehr line about needing more “proof” this would benefit the players. Uhm, wut? We were heading into a season where the first road game played in the CENTRAL time zone (same time zone as MSP) was in Winnipeg, a member of the SE Division on December 15th…

Maybe that is considered bullying, but really, just dickish moves by the PA.

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