Thread: Proposal: C Stewart for K Ballard
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11-15-2012, 01:49 PM
Vladys Gumption
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Originally Posted by NYVanfan View Post
yeah, would love to know what % of opinions from multiple fanbases regarding KB's struggles are from ppl who actually watched him play? things like "the pressure's diff in Van vs Phx & Fla" is just so much conjecture ...

those of us who watched every canuck game know that one of the main reasons he was brough in was his durability, having missed very few gmes in nis multiple 30-pt seasons in Fla & Phx. The in mid Oct his first year here he got a serious concussion, then just as he got over that he got that horriffic leg twisting injury that Feb, then more concussion problems last year ...all put him behind the 8-ball bigtime (and behind Hamhuis and Edler on the left side.) If you watched you would've seen that when finally healthy he played really quite well last year.

I believe he is a perfectly solid 2nd pairing option, but of course wont argue that his value isn't low now for all the reasons... but just to say he could barely make the top 6, or can't handle the pressure, or generally he sucks ...all that is just generalizaing from ppl who haven't watched the guy play...
That's fine and I understand completely where you are coming from. However, he is not enough of an upgrade to give up Stewart. Even admitting Stewart had a bad year I'm not really willing to give him up in a trade like this. I happen to think Stewart is going to rebound. Much like I wouldn't be surprised to see Ballard play much better.

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