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Forwards: Yes depth but mostly projecting bottom 2 line roles at the NHL level---the only consensus "A" prospect for a top six role in future is TERAVAINEN...BRANDON SAAD appeared to be another "A" possible at winger --but so far has not been much of any ything special in his AHL debut season so far (but often it takes time to adjust to the pros from Jr.,so we'll wait and see if he can elevate to this level or not) .... Pirri must "make it" at 2nd line C because he is not suited to bottom 2 line roles --but whether he is gifted enough to keep that job IF he gets it over a TERAVAINEN in future is debateable. McNeil's big body and physical strength assets could be useful-but he lacks the hockey sense,distributing,speed and hands to treally be "the anser" for the 2c role--so a candidate along with K. Hayes for the "BIG" centre role --IF wwe want to replace "little Bolland " (and his contract at that spot in the ears ahead... DANAULT is an energy guy but AGAIN i don't see enough special offensive finishing to be a top six guy..So another 3C candidate or as a 3 Winger,checker and PK guy who can also take faceoffs...BEACH another big wingerwho can finish -but skating speed could hold him back ...STILL if the HAWKS ever want to go "BIG" on line 3 they could try a BEACH MCNEILL K.HAYES (at wing) combo --but that probaly means a huge change in our that case DANAULT would likely be just a 4th line energy role guy and faceoff specialist -but at least he could slide up to any line above and not hurt it defensively ...

The most intriguing guy in our forward crop to me is what I saw from VINCE HINOSTROZA---the only issue is size (But as i said he looked a lot bigger than 5'9 to me at the WJAC )---if he did or can add 2-3 inches -then he;s got a chance to be used anywhere from top six C or W to a bottom six role --because he has both skill,skating,hockey sense,finishing AND unmatched Determination to be a real "difference-maker" in whatever role given---from "go to guy" /offensive catylyst including PP's or to get shorties in PK work and dagerous counter-attacker..

Overall pretty good NHL candidates but be realistic on the "impact" (top 6) of most of them with one or two exceptions...

D: I'm generally less enthusiastic about our hyped "offensemen" or 2-way candidates and more certain of the SAH (Stay at Home Defensive types ) guys --this means few "top 3 " "stars" but lots of steady and some big 4-5-6 types
who may never be exciting but could be useful for winning .. I'm still skeptical about
Clendenning,Lalonde,Fournier AND LEDDY ever impacting into top "stars" in the league or even 2nd pairng guys -but SOME of JOHNS,PALIOTTA, DAHLBECK,BIRCH, HOLL -will contend for 4-5-6 roles .. AS for Brown and Jardine --its a longshot ...I do however like NICK MATTSON projecting into a #3 D-man role with his god 2-way ability...

G: Carruth is playing on a stacked Portland team this year and so I wouldnt get so excited about his gaudy stats there to date ... Neither Simpson or Johan Mattsson look exceptional enough either... WE NEED an "A" type goalie prospect,IMO -and we only have a first rounder (no 2nd or 3rd rounder this 2013 draft) -so I think we finally need to grab the best goalie we can from the cream of the goalie crop to fINALLY get us that top "goalie of the future" conensus label that teams drafting first rounder
goalies love to crow about...Of couse that is only a hope--no guarantee--but at least hockey experts THINK that such high goalie picks COULD be impact NHL goalies in future--with our mediocre crop in the pipeline--we KNOW we lack even a HOPE for any franchise goalie coming up the system.It is time we took that risk and used our first to get such a goalie candidate to become our HOPE of such a franchise goalie --that is IF by year'send there is conensus such a worthy goalie is in the crop this year--and ALSO that such target or one such target if there are more than one --remain on the board where we draft in round one.

We shall see which of the early candidates for such worthiness really justify picking them once the final rankings are done at season's end..

Our Q observers and the scouting services all seem to have consenus early on ZACH FUCALE--but his stats and what I saw of his technique in the albeit limited half-game he played vs. Russia in the Subway Superseries make me not that enthusiastic -I did not see "specialness"..

As for the OHL's SPENCER MARTIN (Mississauga)--I have not yet watched him and though he has very good stats -it could be misleading as Mississauga has a strong D-corp of returning vets and plays a good team defense -so maybe Martin is just "protected"?

I have not yet seen the DUB"s click to pick projected star goalie--ERIC COMRIE -who some think willbe the first goalie off the board in 2013 --he willbe on display in tonight's final game of the Subway Super Series-so I'll watch and comment on what i see...

My own hunch is to bet on JAKE PATTERSON (London Knights,OHL ) who was bypassed last draft (he turned 18 last June) ---I just like his technique and reflexes in stopping pucks -i care not that he is a season "older" that the first time goalie eligibles .My hunch is that PATTERSON could be "special" ...

Unfortunately he is sharing duties with OHL vet Kevin Baillie in backstopping th Knights and so may not get enough "workhorse" time to make scouts certain he can be relied on for a long grind playing a lot ..Still -I liked what limited time he was allowed to play last season ,ilike what i have seasn in his games this season --and my impression /hunch is that of the NA goalies to draft-I'd bet on him turning out great...

I have not seen the eurogoalie candidates for this draft ...The Finns may have 4 good ones in their crop for te draft -and we know Finland has produced a lot of good NHL goalies ..I'll keep on monitoring their ststs and progress and maybe we'll see some of these on their U-20 or U-18 teams in the tournaments to come.
However 3 of these 4 are not big goalies (2 are 5'11,one 5'10)--but then IGOR USTINSKY who looked good for Russia in his one Super Series game (a win over the OHL) is only 5'11 185) and he is also like JAKE PATTERSON (6'1 190) an "older" '94 who got bypassed in last year's draft. (Maybe we take him in round 4 ?) ..

Anyway--I'll re-visit the issue at the end of this season to see if anyone dislodges Jake Patterson from the top of my list or if he falters and dislodges himself off that lofty perch...To cover the basis,maybe we try one of the shorter but effective eurogoalies available for the draft-if a target for that round is still on the board.

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