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Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
No, NHLPA members are not working in a coal mine 12 hrs a day, given only 5 holidays a year, a minimal healthplan, and no expenses. They're doing ok... (just trust me on this)
It was not my intention to suggest that the players are hurting. IMO the current structure has limited the earning potential of the best players, the biggest stars, the money makers, while artificially inflating the middle of the pack. The front loaded deals etc. were a result of teams being handcuffed when it came to signing their star players. Teams desperate not to end up with a star players they couldn't fit under the cap started locking up young players earlier to get a better deal, inflating the money and term on RFA contracts. In short, the NHL's system ended up working against them and costing them money and took money out of the hands of the guys we're paying to see.

Originally Posted by billybudd View Post
Mario Lemieux retired because of the clutching and grabbing that was allowed during the dead puck era. Only reason he suited up in 95-96 was because of the league's promised obstruction crackdown (note how much higher the per game scoring rates were that year than in the previous and next seasons). That was abandoned in 96-97, which is why he retired at the end of it.

I'd provide a link, but newspaper articles from 1997 aren't easily available on-line, if they're even on-line at all.
Thank you.

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