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11-15-2012, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by PSUCapsFan View Post
Cisjordania lol. The Palestinians in Gaza seem to be pretty good at importing rockets, maybe they should use that energy on updating their civilization 1000 years.

If the Arabs gave 2 ***** about the plight of the Palestinians they would not force them to live in wretched refugee camps and would grant them citizenship to any number of Islamic nations.

The day Israel gives up Jerusalem is the day China gives up Tibet, America gives up Hawaii, and Russia gives up Siberia...Never.

Gaza should elect new leaders who won't store rockets and munitions in apartment complexes and use their own population as human shields. As far as I'm concerned Hamas is responsible for every casualty in this conflict.
Big difference between Jerusalem and Tibet in comparison to Hawaii and Siberia.

Other Arab nations will never attack Israel because of the ramifications from the "Western World" mostly US. Also;
  • Syria are currently pre-occupied with their civil war
  • Iraq is rebuilding and isn't a nation that would be capable of going to war, not that it would want to
  • Egypt are rebuilding after the elections and the removal of Mubarak and would prefer to be seen as a peaceful nation. I think that there was a report recently that said they were hoping to help Israel and Palestine work together.

Jordan and Lebanon could involve themselves if they wanted to but their military would be no match for Israel and it'd be pointless when I believe Lebanon has recently come out of a civil war.

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