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11-15-2012, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by c4fn8d View Post
I'm more specifically talking about the whole notion that the contract limits have to be put in place to protect owners from other owners. We already know that owners already have unwritten rules in place about poaching. 10 years until a player can get to free agency means a majority of players will never make it to FA. I think that the average career is 7 or 8 years in the NHL. 5 years ELC, with no arbitration rights, 5 year maximum contract lengths. I believe these provisions which have been there from day 1 have been a huge sticking point for the PA. If the owners threw all of these ludicrous demands out the window, we would see movement from the players.
While I agree with you that many of the demands are harsh, I disagree that we would see movement from the players. They really haven't shown any movement that I can see. The notion that they're still expecting their full share of revenue for a full season while playing only a partial season is a reasonable testament to that. Of course we never/rarely seen any absolutely truthful renditions of what is going on in terms of offers as both sides are busily playing PR mind games but from all reports the players are largely delusional.

Average career length in NHL is 4.5 years btw.

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