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Originally Posted by Zippy316 View Post
Was 3.20 in 93 as bad as Brodeur's career low of 2.57 in 2006?

I mean, I get what your saying, but he had some pretty bad numbers. In 1994-1995, Brodeur had a 2.45 in 40 games and Roy had a 2.97 in 43. Like I said, I just think Brodeur's consistency and records. He was top 2 in wins in every season from 98 to the year after his elbow injury, sans the injury season. Games played had something to do with that, but that consistency is pretty hard to put up season in and season out. There is years in Brodeur's career were his GAA was .5 lower than Roy's in the same year. I'm sure many people are going to deny this, but I think that Roy going out on such a high note could influence some people, might not influence them entirely, but it will have some say.
First mistake: Using GAA to evaluate goaltenders. GAA is a TEAM stat that speaks as much to the quality of the team's defense as it does to the performance of the goaltender.

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